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How To Make Online Money Fast For Free And Extra Money Through Surveys From Home

Posted by Revanth Rbt

 Make Money Online And Earn $3 per/day

Hai Viewers ..
"Here is a great website which is showing a path to MAKE MONEY ONLINE without any
investment and wasting of your time,you can earn $3 [per day].Really great i experenced alot. It may be small Amount but it is getting with out any affort. Smiply You Can enjoy in FB chat and do this work.. It is not so Technical one but very easy to do. 

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Steps To Follow Is As Below..
sign up
Screen Shoot:For Confirmation
Step 1:As you are ready to sign up click the above link and a screen appears "confirm it and enter your details" Becare full and enter the details as soon as possible because the page will again reload in 3mins.

Screen shot:Document
Step 2:Enter the details correctly.Here in DOCUMENT box enter your "PAN CARD NUMBER OR AADHAAR CARD NUMBER OR VOTER ID NUMBER"
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Screen Shoot:Login Page
 Step 3:After you are successfully signed up their will be a login page in front of your way. Now LOGIN with your email and password. Enter the security code and click on login button.
Step 4:By completing your login you will be looking your profile in LIBERTA GIA. Here you can see some catagories like Dashboard, Alert/Support, Upgrade, Financial, PGE Points, Networks, Affililates, TASK,Tv liberts, Profile, Logout. Here an important catagory to EARN MONEY is TASK Catagory.
Click On the Task Option.
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Screen Shoot:Task
Step 5: After clicking Task option You are ready to see the screen above.Then Cilck on "Click here to do the task" with blue colour.
Screen Shoot:Task Management
Step 6: Here their are 6 different levels in LIBERTA GIA.
 1] Bronze 15 ads
2]Booster 10ads
3]sliver 10 ds
4]Gold 8ads
5]Platinum 7ads
6]Visionary 5ads
As a new user the account will associate with the Bronze Level.. After your are earning  huge amount then you can upgrade the account.when we upgarde the account the ads will decrease.

Now click on the ads on the left side and next click on the "GO TO PAGE"
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Screen shoot:Ads page
Step 7:By clicking go to page then a new tab is opened and see that how many seconds you should wait for closing the page.It will be almost around 90 seconds. There will be 15 ads daily and daily you can earn $3 dollars.There is no rule to stay on the ad page and you can enjoy by surfing the net or enjoy in facebook chat. This is the main advantage in this site which i experenced alot.

Step 8:After compelition of 90 seconds their ask you to enter a security code which will given at the top of the screen.Enter it and click on Finish button.Again go to the Step6 and repeat the process.Do the same process for the 15ads and earn $3 per day..

So on my personal experence iam telling to you friends who are searching to make online money,So sign up and  do the process which i explained.

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